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Simple. Fun. Language and Framework agnostic. Designed to create fancy and clear testing reports in minutes. Loved by the community, developed by Qameta Software & Open-source contributors.

Allure Report is licensed under the Apache 2 License

Allure Report
Introducing Allure Report

Visualize your test results

Generate comprehensive and visually appealing automation test reports using Allure Report

Configure Allure

Configure Allure

Allure supports the majority of test frameworks. Pick the one you need and follow the integration steps.

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Run Tests

Run Tests

Run your automated test suite using your chosen testing framework. The detailed test results will be captured automatically.

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Integrate with CI/CD

Integrate with CI/CD

Configure your pipeline to run the test suite and generate Allure reports as a post-test step.

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Customise (Optional)

Customise (Optional)

Depending on your needs, you can customise the Allure reports by adding additional metadata such as tags, labels or descriptions to your test cases.

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Share the generated Allure reports with stakeholders such as developers, testers, and project managers. The reports' interactive and visual nature makes collaborating and communicating testing results easy.

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One report to unite the team

Allure Report benefits different team members by providing clear, detailed, and visually engaging test reports that enhance collaboration, issue resolution, and overall project quality.

Test your way

Work with preferred tools and languages while still enjoying the benefits of visual reporting.

Test on every level

Supports various test types, including Unit, API and End-to-End tests.

DevOps ready

Automate report generation for continuous reporting in CI/CD pipelines.

Improve test stability

Detect unstable tests and automatically categorise flaky failures using the error categories feature.

Historical results

Dive into historical test results to track repeated failures.


Supports 50+ testing tools & frameworks

Allure is designed to be agnostic of specific programming languages or testing frameworks. By providing multiple integrations, Allure ensures that teams can seamlessly incorporate it into their existing testing ecosystem regardless of their chosen technologies.


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