Allure Behat configuration

This page describes the configuration options that affect the behavior of Allure Behat.

To set the options, edit your project's behat.yml file.

The output_path option is configured for the Allure formatter in the formatters section. All other options are configured for the Allure extension in the extensions section.

default: formatters: pretty: true allure: output_path: "%paths.base%/build/allure" extensions: Allure\Behat\AllureFormatterExtension: ignored_tags: "wip, skip" severity_key: "severity:" issue_tag_prefix: "issue:" test_id_tag_prefix: "tms:"

Remember that in YAML, any values ending with a colon must be contained in quotation marks.


Path to the directory where Allure Behat will save the test results, see How it works. If the directory does not exist, it will be created. Defaults to %paths.base%/allure-results.


A tag or a comma-separated list of tags that must not be interpreted as user stories.

It is recommended to put here the tags that you use for filtering purposes, such as “wip” from the example in the Behat documentation.


The tag prefix for specifying severity levels for tests.


The tag prefix for specifying issue links for tests.


The tag prefix for specifying TMS links for tests.

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