Install Allure Report for Node.js

Allure Report commandline npm latest version

Allure Report can be installed on any operating system via the Node.js package manager. The installation is tested with npm, yarn, and pnpm.

  1. Make sure Node.js is installed.

  2. Make sure Java version 8 or above installed, and its directory is specified in the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

  3. In a terminal, run this command:

    npm install -g allure-commandline
    yarn global add allure-commandline
    pnpm install -g allure-commandline
  4. Run this command to see if it reports the latest version:

    allure --version

    If the allure command does not work, make sure that your package manager is configured correctly. For yarn, see Adding the install location to your PATH. For pnpm, run pnpm setup. Make sure to close and re-open the terminal window after you fix the issue.

    Alternatively, you can replace the allure command with npx allure, assuming that you used npm for installation. For example:

    npx allure --version
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