Allure Newman configuration

The Allure Newman adapter behavior can be affected by some configuration options.

To pass an option, you can just add it to the command when running Newman. For example:

npx newman run \ --reporters cli,allure \ --reporter-allure-export output/allure-results
yarn dlx newman run \ --reporters cli,allure \ --reporter-allure-export allure-results
pnpx newman run \ --reporters cli,allure \ --reporter-allure-export allure-results

--reporter-allure-export ⟨DIRECTORY⟩

Path to the directory where Allure Newman will save the test results, see How it works. If the directory does not exist, it will be created. Defaults to allure-results.


If set, Allure Newman will put each test into a suite based on the Postman collection name.

This suite will be put inside the structure defined by the parentSuite, suite and subSuite labels. For example, in a Postman collection named “Authentication”, the “Web interface → Essential features” hierarchy will become “Web interface → Essential features → Authentication”.

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